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The scientific and managerial personnel for any organization is one of the most important successful factors in the nature of what this personality reflects, from its special scientific role in the scientific arena and the active presence of this administrative personality so the management of the Institute was built in a way that reflects how important the new scientific institution is and fortunately the cooperation of the most important Arab and international personnel is the first concept that we hope to obtain the complete success for the institute by cooperating with special and known academic personality on the scientific level and international arbitration which is the matter that made us all honored and the academy to be honored to have Dr Nasri Marco as the dean of the institute and Dr. Amir Mohamed Mahmoud Taha to be his assistant manager of the institute.

Dean of the institute – Dr Nasri Marco

Dr Nasri Marco is a lawyer in the Court of Cassation and the Supreme Constitutional Court in Arab Republic of Egypt, he got an experience in specific in the field of commercial arbitration and corporate law and the civil and international law. Furthermore, he is the founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sharm El Sheikh International Arbitration Centre  (SHIAC) in Sharm El Sheikh in Arab Republic of Egypt. So he’s a lawyer with broad experience in the commercial arbitration field and as an international arbitrator
And he is supported in the arbitration panel in Commipasal Arbitration Center in Arab Republic of Egypt in addition of being a sole certified arbitrator in front of the Egyptian court since 1987.

In 2000, Dr. Nasri Marco has worked as the administrative partner of Ms. Loris Nasri Office and Partners and she was the lawyer in Arab Republic of Egypt from the 4th generation in her family and been the carrier officer of the Order of the British Empire and the honorary officer of the French government and the company has been renamed Nasri Marco and Partners as a partner in Loris Nasri Office. Since 1981, he was the lawyer and legal consultant in Arab Republic of Egypt for the embassies of USA, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium and Russia.
Also Dr Marco was media consultant of Egyptian newspaper “El Shou’oub” and the magazine “BT – Business Today”. In addition of being a member of the foreign newspaper “FPA – Foreign Press Association” since 1986, he’s also a certified translator of English and French languages in front of the Egyptian court and since 1987 he was a member of international lawyer group.
Between the year 1987 and 1997, he was the honorary consul of Uruguay in Alexandria – Arab Republic of Egypt.
Previous roles in his professional life were a member of the board of directors of Misr Company for Refrigeration Company branch in Bank Misr in Arab Republic of Egypt and Smarco Company for Consulting and Employment.

Dr Nasri Marco holds Bachelor of Arts degree in Law in Faculty of Law, Alexandria University in addition to an associate degree obtained from the Salzburg course in private international law and comparative studies in the US law and legal institutions under the supervision of the Fulbright commission and was granted the PH.D in Salzburg in 1987.

Beside his work as a lawyer; he is also an active member in the community as the founder and chairman of Mega Alexander Association for the friendship between peoples and Chairman of Nirvana Association interested in environmental issues.