Consultant SHIAC
Mr. Minas Khatchadourian

Mr. Minas is teaching as Professor of Law at the Egyptian Universities in Alexandria, Ein Shams in Cairo and Pharos. He is holding visiting academic appointments at the Arab Academy for Sciences and Technology and Maritime Transport. He serves as legal counsel of the “Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation” for the Dialogue Between Cultures.

In addition to acting as counsel, Mr. Minas is the legal consultant of the Swedish Institute for Human and Social Studies in Alexandria/Egypt, the Burkina Faso Embassy in Cairo and the Middlebury College Program in Egypt. Furthermore he acts as a consultant in the field of arbitration for the newly opened Sharm el Sheikh International Arbitration Centre in Sharm el Sheikh/Egypt.

Mr. Minas also gained professional experience due to his appointment as attorney by Presidential Decree at the Egyptian State Litigation Service. He published several professional law articles in different languages like Arabic, English and French, especially in the field of arbitration: Revue de l’arbitrage, Arab Arbitration Review, Arab and International Arbitration Review, Revue de jurisprudence commerciale and Arab Law Quarterly Journal. He is a member of the Egyptian Bar Association since 1983 and also member of the Egyptian Association for International Law. Mr. Minas is a graduate (LLB) of the Faculty of Law, University of Alexandria. He proceeded further in his education within the Faculty of Law, University of Cairo with a degree in International Business Law, at Montpellier I University/France a Master of International Business Contracts, special courses of International Economic Law organized by the UNCITRAL and the World Bank and in addition a Diploma in European Law from University of Lyon/France.

He has a PhD. in International Law with the thesis - The Judicial Treatment and the Arbitral Approach to International Contract Conflicts from University of Montpellier, France.


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