The Sharm el Sheikh International Arbitration Centre (SHIAC) is a new international not-for-profit institute for Commercial Dispute Resolution in a region with potential growth rates.

SHIAC's activity is directed to ensure that the parties feel absolutely confident in its procedures, processes and services.

SHIAC's local and regional availability and activity will create a time and cost effective alternative in comparison to litigation in front of jurisdiction. In addition, the private environment of the institute, in which identities of the parties and the case may remain confidential has to be emphasized just as the enforcement power of awards.

SHIAC’s organization consists of a Board of Directors, an Executive Committee, a Secretary General, Members of the Arbitration Corps, an Administration and a Board of Trustees.

SHIAC disposes of Arbitrators, Experts and Consultants with the profile, qualifications and professionalism to ensure the parties in dispute with a high quality tribunal.

As an additional service to its Arbitration activities SHIAC offers legal services, expertise and assistance such as fast solutions for litigation or legal advice for contracts and Arbitration clauses.


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