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SHIAC’s business model is characterized through efficiency, flexibility, impartiality and confidentiality, control and cost performance.


The Sharm el-Sheikh International Arbitration Centre – SHIAC – will be one amongst the leading Arbitration Centres in the Middle East by 2011 with the most modern and progressive institution for Dispute Resolution taking in consideration the characteristics of regional and Islamic laws.


SHIAC shall be an International Institution operating locally to enforce local, domestic and regional Dispute Resolution Procedures. It provides as a Centre of Excellence for Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation, and contractual services distinguished parties outstanding management in Dispute Resolution Proceedings.

About Us

Dear Sirs,
We would like to present you with our latest investment in Sharm el-Sheikh. As a law firm with international clients, we realized the necessity of introducing an Arbitration Court, “Sharm El Sheikh International Arbitration Centre (SHIAC)”, seated in Sharm El Sheikh.
The basic principles of Arbitration have a long tradition in the Islamic world, especially in the application of Commercial Arbitration Procedures. Some Islamic states have a long history of the experience of Arbitration dating back to centuries ago. In the 1970s until the beginning of the 1980s, the strong dependence on the oil export business and foreign investors have in fact led to a dominance of contracts and Arbitration Awards given based on an international legal system. This badly regarded behavior under the international legal system resulted in a period of friction. In these times forces like nationalism, pan-Arabism and unresolved conflicts in the area, have produced a sentiment against these foreign attitudes and values, which were considered as incompatible with Islamic tradition. As a result of this political view, domestic Arbitration did not participate in the development of modern International Arbitration Systems.
In the modern era of International Arbitration, these periods of negative sentiment towards Islamic jurisdiction came to an end. Nowadays Islamic countries have increasingly accepted and supported the idea of International Arbitration, based on mutually developed rules in accordance with Islamic core values.

In recent decades, Sharm El Sheikh has established itself as a new international pole for peace processes in the world. Important peace accords have been concluded in Sharm El Sheikh, which has also been of great importance to the Arab world.
In addition, Sharm El Sheikh has become very attractive for tourism. International Hotel Organizations have recognized the increasing demand and have made substantial investments, enabling other business and infrastructure to grow.
For that reason, we are convinced that the services of a Local Arbitral Institution for Dispute Resolution will, in a better form, satisfy the demands of regional markets and also support local jurisdiction.
With our new approach, “Sharm El Sheikh International Arbitration Centre (SHIAC)”, aims to establish itself as a court center of Excellence for Commercial Arbitration, Mediation, and Conciliation as well as to promote Arbitral education programs and to provide legal advice. The Egyptian Arbitration Law No. 27/1994 underlies our future activities.
Most importantly, we see the great advantage of SHIAC in the form of strict confidentiality, impartiality, flexibility, efficiency, control and cost performance in comparison to litigation in national courts.

Yours sincerely
Nasri Marco
Lawyer – Court of Cassation

Services We Provide

SHIAC is committed to delivering Dispute Resolution and Legal Services, expertise, and assistance in a way as to always have our clients’ best interest at heart.

Who We Are?

The Sharm el-Sheikh International Arbitration Centre (SHIAC) is a new international not-for-profit Institute for Commercial Dispute Resolution in a region with potential growth rates.

SHIAC’s activity is directed to ensure that the parties feel absolutely confident in its procedures, processes, and services.

SHIAC’s local and regional availability and activity will create a time and cost effective alternative in comparison to litigation in front of jurisdiction. In addition, the private environment of the institute, in which identities of the parties and the case may remain confidential has to be emphasized just as the enforcement power of awards.

SHIAC’s organization consists of a Board of Directors, an Executive Committee, a Secretary-General, Members of the Arbitration Corps, an Administration and a Board of Trustees.

SHIAC disposes of Arbitrators, Experts, and Consultants with the profile, qualifications, and professionalism to ensure the parties in dispute with a high-quality tribunal.

As an additional service to its Arbitration activities, SHIAC offers legal services, expertise, and assistance such as fast solutions for litigation or legal advice for contracts and Arbitration Clauses.

Why Sharm?

Sharm el-Sheikh serves as an administrative and political center of Egypt’s Southern Sinai Province, which includes the coastal towns of Dahab and Nuweiba as well as the mountainous area as Saint Catherine’s Monastery.
Looking at the legal administrative situation, the next governmental court is seated in EL Tur, about 125 km away from Sharm el-Sheikh.
In addition, Sharm el-Sheikh has become attractive to International Hotel Organizations, who have invested substantially entailing other businesses.
For that reason, we realized the necessity of establishing an Arbitration Court Centre and a legal office to satisfy the demands of regional markets and also support local jurisdiction.
Regionally speaking, Sharm el-Sheikh is in the center of the west and east Arab Gulf countries.

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